Note: pnpm is the package manager of choice for developing this mono-repo.
macOS / Node >= 17 is the most tested environment. Please note that end-user can use anything recommended for a typical Astro project while using Astro Content distributables.

git clone
cd astro-content

pnpm -r i

# ———— Watch / build mono-repo. (turbo)
pnpm run dev

# ———— Doc. website (astro)
cd docs && pnpm run dev


Integration (Entrypoint)Extends Astro / Vite capabilitiesastro-contentNPM
ServerData handlers, API provider, helpers generator@astro-content/serverNPM
Command lineProject setups and content manipulation@astro-content/cliNPM
Web app (Optional)Full-fledge content editor / monitor@astro-content/guiNPM
TypeScript typingsInternal types for development use@astro-content/typesNPM
Docs (Private)Using and demonstrating all tools
Demo (Clonable)Minimal boilerplate./demo

@astro-content/* are all internal dependencies of the main astro-content integration package, which act as a bridge for them.
Web GUI can be opted out by user settings.

Deployment environments

BranchDescriptionDeployment URL
Feature (<feat_branch>)Preview experiments or future additions in isolation.[branch]
Production (master)Stable
🆕  Next! (develop)All future